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Is it worth it to just buy 1 Bitcoin in 2018

January 19th, 2018 | by Mariazahid
Is it worth it to just buy 1 Bitcoin in 2018

As soon as 2018 started, the prices of the bitcoin shot to the $10,000 mark which has no clue of lowering any time soon. That is why every other person is asking what should I invest in Bitcoins:

Also, the same question continues in 2018 whether I should spend in the Bitcoins or not?

Before answering this question you must know that the Bitcoin is a currency, nether it is a company not it’s a stock or chare. That is why when you think about investing in Bitcoins; consider investing in the currency rather than anything else.

What is investing in Bitcoin?

The simple answer of investing in Bitcoins is you are buying or investing in a currency which can increase its value? Do you want to invest in the companies which are related and associated with the Bitcoins? Do you want to trade bitcoins for profits?

Holding and Buying of Bitcoins:

The most commonly seen investment in Bitcoins is the holding. The holding means you buy the currency and hopes its value increase over the period. Also, while holding you can purchase the bitcoins if you think that its value will increase over the period. Or you can sell the currency when the lowering of price is seen.

For the investments and holding of the Bitcoin, you should consider two things: 1. How much investment should you make? 2. How long should you hold it?

For both the answers, I am suggested to do your homework and don’t take the advice that what will happen to the value of the currency. Your research will help in concluding the investments.

Some guidelines to consider while buying the bitcoins:

  1. Never make too much investment which you are unable and unwilling to lose. Like many other investment options Bitcoin is also very risky and you should keep it in your mind, even make sure not to keep your all eggs in one basket. Invest an amount which you can bear loss as well.
  2. The second most important thing about the bitcoin is that you should keep it in your wallet rather than leaving it at the exchange. You can go for the paper wallet of you have a low budget, but it is suggested to get the hard wallet for more security and proper storage.
  3. Buy the Bitcoins from reputable exchange rather than an unknown source.
  4. Use the Dollar cost averaging method which means that you don’t have to buy all your Bitcoins at once or in one trade instead you can fix an amount which you can invest every year, month and week. Therefore you can get an average price over the period.

Bitcoin Trading:

The trading of Bitcoin is entirely different than the holding and buying. The trading means that you are buying and selling the bitcoin over a short time interval, purchasing the Biotins at low prices and selling them again at higher prices. The trading requires more knowledge, experience, and expertise in Bitcoins. That is why Bitcoin trading is not for everyone because there are many experienced people and players in the Bitcoin Exchange who are targeting the beginners to make trading mistakes aimlessly.

Bitcoin mining, another investing option:

The other investment option so the bitcoin mining, over the period of past few years, the bitcoin mining is quite profitable when it is invested in large scale. The bitcoin mining also requires investments in equipment and therefore it is much cheaper to buy the bitcoins instead.

There are two types of sites which allow you bitcoin mining, and they are following category:

  1. Either the company is ultimately scam which lets you bitcoin mining but, they didn’t, and at the end, they will get away with all your money.
  2. There is a real website and allow you actual mining, but it is just a bad investment option as you can buy and profit more from buying the actual bitcoin instead of paying the site which allows you bitcoin mining.

Investing in bitcoin companies or grows your bitcoin:

Another option is investing in the bitcoin companies, but there are many companies which claim that they can give you a high daily interest on your bitcoins, double the number of bitcoins as well as get your bitcoins invested in any scheme or complex project. In this case, the company is either a scam or High yield investment programs also known as the HYIPs.

These companies work on taking the money from us in terms f bitcoins and start giving you the returns from the new signups. Usually, these websites have a referral program which means that you can suggest your friends who will also invest in these bitcoins. Once this company gets as many bitcoins as they need, they will suddenly disappear, and you get scammed while no more payments will be made.

There is not a single company which is legit and safe for investment, especially the ones which offers to double your bitcoins or provides you offers which are too good to be true.

Is it worth to invest in bitcoins in 2018?

Don’t follow someone’s advice blindly but instead; you can get complete knowledge about the bitcoins by yourself. Since it is a currency and there is risk involved, and even one bitcoin is costly these days, and for some people, it is their entire investment. That is why you can get the answer by yourself through a complete bitcoin education.

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