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Whatsapp vs snapchat: which is the best?

May 13th, 2018 | by Ankit
Whatsapp vs snapchat: which is the best?

As we all know, WhatsApp is the biggest platform for instant messaging. After the popularity of WhatsApp mobile app, social media giant Facebook bought it with a whopping deal and added one more application in its showcase with bigger user base from all around the world.

in the meantime, there was another application with the name of snapchat was rising somewhere and got popularity from its instant story feature that let users share the daily life moments in images and video format that stays for some limited hours and then disappearances. After Facebook and WhatsApp, youngsters that are looking for something different gave a huge response to snapchat. But as it is limited to some regions and devices in starting phase, it not got enough users like WhatsApp in early days.

As Facebook was killing competition by buying Instagram and Whatsapp, they do not want any nearly-competitor in the market. And as they have already 3 biggest platforms in the world, they released story feature in all three major facebook product, which literally killed snapchat.

snapchat has some cool VR stickers and effects but the main feature of the app is the story feature. Which is cloned by Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram killing snapchat’s market?

Let’s see how this two – WhatsApp and snapchat different from each other and which one is best for you.

When using WhatsApp you will need a sim card compulsory to activate your account and prove your identity while in the case of snapchat you can create your account id without sim verification.

You can use the email address and password combination to create an account.

Two way opt-in:

In any chat app, you will need to side peers to start communication. In WhatsApp, you will need a list of contacts to start connecting with. WhatsApp checks each contact present in the mobile directory and adds WhatsApp registered users in your WhatsApp contacts list with you can communicate or start chatting instantly. While in the snapshot, people are supposed to follow each other. Yes, you can also sync with your contact list, but instead of direct communication, you will need to follow that person first, and if he/she accepts your request, you will able to share and communicate with them. It is a bit open, slightly different from WhatsApp application.

WhatsApp status vs snapchat stories:

To compete with snapchat, WhatsApp introduced media status or stories that let users upload snapchat like status. You can download images or video status from ( click here to download latest video status free! ) or similar other sites and start uploading cool status videos on your timeline. As WhatsApp already had a huge community of users, it was easy to beat snapchat on their own game. WhatsApp added this new feature smoothly without making the app-heavy. And works totally fine so now no WhatsApp users will ever thing to install a separate app for just stories.


with some other cool features that are already in Whatsapp, like free voice and video calling, WhatsApp for business, and some upcoming features announced recently from WhatsApp that are group video calls and stickers are the best way to hold users on the platform. WhatsApp making changes and releasing updated features to stay in the competition and giving tough competition to rivals.

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