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What kind of vacuum is best?

January 15th, 2018 | by Ankit
What kind of vacuum is best?

Vacuum cleaners are used for cleaning over many years, and it is an essential part of your house cleaning gadget. But for a best quality vacuum cleaner, you must know the right one which helps on better cleaning as well as best value for money. You can consider buying best vacuum cleaner availed in the market, but since there are too many choices, you might get confused which one to buy. That is why we bring you a complete guide to know the best vacuum for you so that you can buy the one which is useful in cleaning as well as provide a comprehensive guide for excellent value for money.

Which vacuum is cleaner the best among many available in the market?

You can check out the following categories and choose which is more convenient for you to use as well as the best one according to your budget and usage.

Bagless VS Bagged Vacuum cleaners:

The vacuum cleaners are available in both bagged and bagless options, and there are advantages and disadvantages of both of these. The significant advantage of the bagless ones ate there is no loss of suction, and there is a minimal reduction when you clean your fill-ups. But the performance of these vacuum cleaners varies from one brand to another all depends on the quality of system a and technology used in it. That is why it is the primary selling feature.

The issue with the bagless vacuum cleaner is it sends back the dust in the room when it is not emptied properly. That is why for durable and better performance the bagged vacuum cleaners are best. The bagged vacuum cleaners are better when you are allergic to dust and those who are self-sealing.

In case you want to save money in the long run, the bagless vacuum cleaner is best where you don’t have to, buy new bags. But the bagless cleaners also needs its filter cleaner once every month and require drying for at least, 24 hours. Some new bagless vacuum cleaners don’t need the filters at all.

Pros and cons of bag vacuums:


  • Good in hygiene which allows you to store all the dirt and dust inside especially for those who are suffering from asthma or allergies,
  • It has a secure and better disposes of a system where you don’t have to worry about cleaning the bag.


  • It is more costly since the new dust bags require when the old one is full. That is why it is more expensive than the other ones.
  • The performance decreases as the suction affects when the bag is filled with the dust and require to changing.

Pros and cons of bagless vacuums:


  • These vacuum cleaners are much cheaper, and you don’t have to change bag and invest in it. Cleaning and maintain much less expensive in bagless vacuums.
  • You can see through the transparent canister which is designed for you to know if you have accidentally picked any small valuable object or jeweler.
  • Due to its visibility, you can easily see that the canister is full and you need to empty it.


  • Repairing the damaged filter is very expensive when you need to replace it.
  • It is quite messy when you want to clean the canister and have to secure from the dust while it is a mess in cleaning the bagless vacuum cleaner.

Cylinder vacuum cleaners VS the Upright ones:

Cylinder Vacuums:

The cylinder vacuum cleaners are one of the most common and traditional looking vacuums which are light in weight as well as takes less space for storage while these are much cheaper then the upright vacuums. These are used for cleaning upholstery, stairs, and small areas.

If you have a small living place as well as the low budget for buying your vacuum, then this is the right choice for you.

Upright Vacuums:

The straight ones are the best for storage and control. These are very popular for using and controlling especially for cleaning the carpets and home. It comes with the hard brush which removes dirt from the hard to reach places on floor and mats.

How to check and test the best vacuum cleaner?

There are few features on which you can evaluate the best vacuum cleaner by yourself:

•    Maneuverability:

It is to assess that how your machine steer is in pulling and lifting, also checking it on the hard floor as well as carpets and see its balance. The balancing, flexibility and cleaner heads must be check before making a decision.

•    Cleaning carpets:

The performance of the vacuum cleaners must be a check on the mat and in how many sweeps it is cleaning the dirt or small particles to know its performance.

•    Edge cleaning:

You must also evaluate the performance on the edge of the floor and how efficiently it is removing dirt from the sides.

•    Cleaning the hard floor:

The hard floors cleaning must be check before buying and know how it is sucking the dust from crevices and floor gaps.

•    Removing pet’s hair:

The pet hair is one of the significant issues of household cleaning, and it must be known that how many sweeps are required to clean the pet hair from carpets or furniture.

•    Noise:

Also, check that how much noise the vacuum cleaner is making while working or how entirely the machine is performing.

•    Cleaning the stairs:

The weight and attachments are essential while cleaning the stairs that is why make sure that you can clean the stairs in few sweeps with the accessories given with the machine. Also check the weight, because you might need to carry the device while cleaning the stairs.

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