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Top 10 Holi gifts ideas for a crazy yet memorable Holi celebration

March 4th, 2017 | by Adelaida0777
Top 10 Holi gifts ideas for a crazy yet memorable Holi celebration

Yellow Gulal with Lakme Sunscreen in a Basket: – A thoughtful and event centric product to play Holi and get cleaned, this colorful Holi gifting gift has got it all you need for happy Holi celebration. All gifting kind of stuff has been arranged in a beautifully printed metallic basket.

Printed T-shirt in White (Chhori Drama Queen): – Wet yourself and play a crazy Holi that this pink colored T-shirt is here for all you need to make yourself comfortable to play the Holi. Send your Holi greetings to your loved one on this year with this gift to girlfriend or wife.

Perfumed Herbal Gulal with Towel and Body Butter: – Unending celebration of the Holi festival will be ensured with the herbal gulal pack, body moisturizer cream, floral bath oil. Additionally, the towel along with other items kept in a metal basket make you ready for warm receiving of the visitor.

Printed Shot Glasses with Holi Color Packs: – A pair of orange and yellow colored perfumed Gulal packs equips you to play colorful Holi. While the pair of beer glasses for mad and joyful Holi fun party. Indulge yourself in the memorable madness with herbal colors and drinking party.

Printed Beer Mug with Thandai Pack: – Repeat and recall your past Holi celebration with tasty Holi special Thandai with yummy flavors with enriched contents. This Holi Thandai pack is again here to give you the unforgettable festival. This hamper is her with herbal gulal pack that you need to play the Holi and the beer glass printed with funky theme.

Party Snack Packet with Beer Mug and Color Jars: – A touch of Holi joy for the ones who have been feeling the loss of all the Holi fun what they used to enjoy. Bless them this extremely excellent Holi hamper to get the Holi festivity to your relatives far from home. You get a memorable Holi celebration through this Holi gift online.

Kids Pack for Holi: – Holi is the celebration of shading and euphoria. This sprinkling of hues spread the message of bliss and joy that we better achieve with the happy children around us. Use this opportunity to show warmth and affection towards your loved children with Holi pack with children. This combo has fabric teddy, color in pot and a water gun.

Holi Radiance Pack: – Holi is a brilliant celebration to play with adorable balloons filled with colored water. So it would be an awesome pack of a wooden basket with plenty of inflatable, snow color spray bottles, fabric teddy and a bucket filled with pink color to style your Holi celebration.

Orange Pichkari: – Go mad on this Holi festival and wet your dear one with color and a ton of affection with warmth and togetherness. This gun shaped Pichkari is her for you or your little ones.

Printed Makeup Pouch (Yellow): – Do care about your loved one’s comfort on this Holi and with her a happy Holi all together with printed makeup Pouch. This useful and specious pouch will be loved by your dear easily.

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