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Top 10 Dating Apps You Should Try in 2018

October 8th, 2018 | by Ankit
Top 10 Dating Apps You Should Try in 2018
  1. Love Flutter

What is important: the looks or the soul? If you are from those for whom the inner world of a person is more important, then Love Flutter is just for you. Instead of photos you can post different messages, up to 140 symbols each, these messages should express you better than any photo could possibly do. And if you like each other, then you will be able to see the photos of a person you liked.

  1. Meets

Meets is a great website for great people to have great dates. It was created for those who love traveling and cannot possibly live without it. The concept is just as simple as using the program: you create your own page with all the necessary information and that’s it. The app will notify you of any people with the same traveling interests as you have, potentially allowing you to travel together.

  1. Luxy

There are different types and levels of people in society, some are poor, some are alright, and some are wealthy, they want and require other things, bigger and better, that’s why the app called Luxy exists. The service is called Luxy and it is basically Tinder for the rich. The users will have to choose their favorite brands, such as Prada, Gucci and Cartier. And there are a lot more options for rich people to describe in detail, what they like to wear, ride and so on.

  1. OkCupid

This application and the site have gained popularity among those who are interested not only in casual sex, OkCupid allows you to not only meet someone for a one-time deal, but for a long term as well.

OkCupid provides users with the opportunity to learn much more about each other, even without entering into correspondence.

The basis for your profile will be not just your photos and a few suggestions about your favorite food, music or movies, but also detailed answers to really interesting questions that will help reveal your personality to those who are interested in you. Check OkCupid at

  1. Pure

This application is the complete opposite of the previous one. It is useful to those who are looking for sex without commitment and do not want to bother with the details about the many-sided personalities of other people.

To find a partner for the night, it is enough to upload at least one of your photos, indicate your gender and gender of the person you are looking for, write a few words about yourself and wait about an hour until the program selects for you a partner nearby.

  1. Tastebuds

This application is for music lovers who want to find a partner based on common musical interests.

Your favorite artists will become the basis of your profile, and looking through the accounts of other users with similar tastes, you can immediately listen to their favorite tracks.

  1. Sapio

The app for those who value intelligence above all else. When registering, you can even choose “sapiosexuality” as an orientation, which means that in a potential partner, you are attracted by, most importantly and above all, his/her brains.

Here, the main role is played by your answers to questions that are not limited to standard topics like preferences in movies, music, sports or literature.

  1. Tinder

Tinder appeared in 2012 and today is one of the most successful online dating apps. Its big popularity in the West and an advanced audience in Russia allows to meet interesting people – foreigners and compatriots right here and right now. The service is built on the “like / dislike” principle in such a way that it turns the search for a partner for a random date into an exciting online game. You can check it out at

  1. Badoo

Badoo is somewhere in between a service for dating and a social network, the Badoo application provides access to a lot of interesting and beautiful user profiles and photos. It works just as you expect it to, everything begins with a photo. If two people like each other, then they are able to start a dialogue.

  1. J4L

Men should more often ask themselves, should i break up with my girlfriend? They would answer much more confidently in only they knew about J4L. It is easy to use, simple and productive. Pretty straightforward stuff. Be sure to give it a visit, you won’t be disappointed.

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