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Tips for Buying Best Collagen Supplements

January 3rd, 2018 | by Ankit
Tips for Buying Best Collagen Supplements

What is collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein present in our body. Well, it is should be noted that collagen is the only type of protein that is found in abundance in a human body. Collagen can be found in our bones, tendons, muscles, hair, skin and everywhere else in the body. Collagen is that substance which holds the body together. It acts as glue within our body. Collagen turns out to be a type of scaffold in our body that can hold all the bones, nerves, tendons in place. It provides strength and structure to the body.

Though our body creates natural collagen which is called Endogenous collagen. Natural collagen comes from inside of our body and is synthesized in our body itself. The sources for natural collagen are foods and fruits that we eat. Hence it is recommended by the doctors that we should eat foods and fruits that are rich in collagen and that provide protein to our body.

Collagen that is formed by other supplements and outside sources is called exogenous collagen. Exogenous collagen is synthetic. It comes from sources like various supplements.

Exogenous collagen is very beneficial and helpful for medical purposes. It helps in repair of the damaged body tissues and cells.

Facts on collagen –

  1. There are two types of collagen. Natural collagen that is formed and synthesized in our body itself from various foods that we eat.
  2. Synthetic collagen also called exogenous collagen which is gained by outside sources and supplements like collagen pills.
  3. Collagen formation is done throughout our body in skin, tissues, tendons, nerves, bones and everywhere else.
  4. Collagen, whether formed naturally or synthesized by outside source, holds the bones and tissues in place for a longer period of time. If the percentage of collagen decreases in our body, our joints and bones start aching, the skin becomes loose and many other medical and cosmetic problems arise due to the deficiency of collagen in our body.
  5. Collagen production decreases with age and time. Thus it is highly recommended by the doctors to keep taking collagen supplements regularly.

Uses of collagen –

Synthetic collagen is used in revitalizing many skin deformities. Below mentioned are the uses of collagen for a skin.

  • Collagen is restorable. This means it can be broken down and converted and is also absorbed back into the body by the body.
  • It can also be formed into compacted solids like gels used to scaffold joints and bones.
  • Its diverse range of functions and the fact that it is naturally occurring make it clinically versatile and suitable for various medical
  • Collagen for medical use can not only originate from humans but animals like cows, pigs, or sheep.
  • There is dermatologist suggested collagen supplements as well collagen injection boosters available. These are given to the patients who have the deficiency of natural collagen in their body.
  • Collagen injections are normally used as skin fillers to remove scars and acts as elastic to the skin.
  • However, some skin tests should be done before giving collagen booster injections. This is done to ensure that which type of synthetic collagen injection will suit.
  • Synthetic collagen helps as a dressing for thick and deep wounds.
  • Synthetic collagen can help heal chronic wounds that normally the medicines are unable to.
  • There are many skin revitalizations available on the market that contains collagen. Such creams help in filling the gaps in the skin pores and cells caused by the deficiency of collagen.

How to prevent collagen loss?

Apart from natural collagen, the synthetic collagen loss can be maintained in the body by eating/consuming enough supplements and also by using supplements which can be helpful and beneficial. Other than supplements that are available in forms of pills and creams, laser therapy can also be done to plum up the volume of collagen in your body. A laser therapy helps in the formation of collagen in the body which in turns fills the gaps in cells and pores cause due serious health and skin issues.

But it is important to consult your dermatologist and doctors before buying any collagen supplement. First go through the reviews very carefully and about its advantages after using, only then buy any collagen supplement.

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