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Testclear Tips: How to pass a urine drug test

August 28th, 2018 | by admin
Testclear Tips: How to pass a urine drug test

A lot of people won’t usually mind to get surprised until you start talking about random drug tests. It’s quite obvious that most people don’t like to take random drug tests, especially the professional athletes.

As you know, quite a few number of these athletes have been busted before for doping. However, this doesn’t just happen to professional athletes only. Most of us, the ordinary guys, we usually don’t like the idea of a random drug test in our places of work.

In fact, some of us always end up having a bad day if this happens just after the weekend. You know why, right? Anyway, as it is in the human nature to always find a solution for any problem, you can now stop worrying about taking surprise drug tests.

It seems like it is now possible to pass a simple urine drug test just by using these simple tips. You can also learn more on passing a drug test at Test Clear.

  1. Dilution

This has always been the most common method that people like using to make sure they pass the test. It is always advised that you drink a lot of water, usually 8 glasses or even more before going for the test.

This needs to be done until you notice a clear urine. However, when drinking water, make sure you don’t take much of it too as this can lead to water poisoning. Well, sometimes the guy who will come to administer the test will also want to check your urine sample just to make sure you did not try to dilute it.

To counter this, you will also need to take the B- vitamins before the test just to bring that color back in your urine sample.

  1. Detox drinks

Well, it is still not very clear how these drinks actually works but surprisingly, they do a really good job when it comes to helping you pass your drug test.

However, you need to be extra careful when using these drinks as they usually start showing the effects after an hour or two. These drinks usually don’t stay for long and sometimes might not even work for some people.

When shopping for them, you need to ask around first or test it before using it. You don’t want to buy something that you will later throw away just because you don’t use it.

  1. Substitution or Synthetics

This is also another way you can use to pass a urine drug test but it may not be easy as the name might sound. Besides, you will also need to smuggle it in for you to use it.

Well, for you to work this out, you can always use a prosthetic penis or a clean urine from your friend or any pre-mixed sample. You will also have to ensure that the urine you are carrying is having the same temperature as that of your body since some doctors also measure the urine temperature.

This can be done by keeping the fake or synthetic urine close to your body so as to gain warmth from your body. Even though it is a bit difficult method, it works perfectly well if you just do everything correctly.

  1. Use Midol

Well, don’t always think you have no options when it comes to passing a random drug test. If you don’t seem to have any ideas on how you can pass the test, just simply take Midol.

It usually contain diuretics which helps in promoting urine production. By doing so, it will try to clean your system by simply trying to dilute the amount of drugs that might be in your system.

  1. Timing

This is also an important factor when it comes to passing your drug test. When you are surprised by one, you need to aim at taking a clean sample for the testing. This is why you need to try to pee at least twice before the test. You also need to note that the first pee is always the dirtiest and therefore should not be taken as a sample for the test.



Well, you can’t always blame your boss for often hitting you up with random drug tests. You just need to find a way to deal with it since it is a policy in most places of work. You know you risk losing your job if your test come back positive, right? That’s why you need to stay clean but if it is a must that you need to take any substances, try using these tips to help you pass your drug test.

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