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Telemedicine: Bringing Health Care to a Screen near You

May 14th, 2018 | by Ankit
Telemedicine: Bringing Health Care to a Screen near You

Telemedicine is the more comfortable access to healthcare. It is not convenient for everyone to visit a doctor regularly or even when they are sick. For instance, moms with babies and toddlers cannot go out to see a doctor as some things need management before she heads out from home. Similarly, old people with several difficulties cannot go out of the house frequently. Sometimes people have too much workload at the office that they cannot find time for anything else let alone going out to see a doctor. Students with exams going on do not prefer to leave home and sit at the doctor’s clinic wasting their time when instead they could have just stayed at home and studied for their next exam.

Problems like these are common everywhere. However, neglecting your health or overlooking something unusual in your health and body is not the right thing to do. You never know what’s happening to your body behind a small but notable scar or the prolonged flu. To solve the issues mentioned previously, telemedicine is the best option to go for healthcare. You can get a checkup from the doctor just by sitting at your home, or in the car and even at your office. All you will need for that is a computer or a Smartphone, and the doctor will be there on the screen near you.

Telemedicine is changing the healthcare system across the world. It is spreading across the globe faster than before. There is better and advanced technology which doctors and patients are using to their fullest and helping themselves. There are some things which are getting better or improved with telemedicine. Following are some of those

Better care and management of chronic diseases

Telemedicine helps the patients and their caretakers to take care of themselves even better. The patient cannot visit the doctor 24/7, and therefore, telemedicine enables them to consult a doctor whenever they want and according to their convenience. People with a disease like heart issues and skin problems can get better help this way. They can quickly consult the doctor immediately whenever something out of the normal happens. They can even fix the issues, or at least they get an idea of what is going on with their health and how much effort it requires.

Stroke treatment improved and increased

Due to telemedicine, people can now treat strokes in a better way. They can immediately take help from an online doctor for any situation regarding stroke and handle it quickly. Previously the patients had to wait for all the way till he reaches the doctor’s clinic and most of the times the condition used to worsen due to that.

Doctors on duty at the intensive care unit get a helping hand

Doctors and nurses who are on a mission in the ICU of the hospital can get help by consulting an online doctor and keeping the screen near the patients. This way the patient will also get better treatment and care. If by chance the doctors on duty miss any unusual happening, the on-screen doctor can cover it up and inform the doctors in-person. The doctors on duty at the table-ICU get all the relevant information about the patient’s condition which helps them supervise the patient just like the in-person doctors.

Remote rehabilitation is possible

After treatment and cure of the disease, it is imperative for the patient to go through rehabilitation. However, recovery is a long process, and people often hate to stay away from home for that long. Telemedicine solved the problem, and now rehabilitation is possible right at your house. You can consult the relevant doctors and connect with them online. The doctors and their helpers will be supervising you from their convenient place while you will be at your comfortable position. Online rehabilitation has not only improved rehabilitation services but also made it more accessible and convenient.

Better supervision for diabetic patients

Usually, people with diabetes forget to take care of themselves and look after their diet. However, after the introduction of telemedicine the patients get professional supervision all the time which makes them look after their nutrition and health no matter what the situation is. With the help of telemedicine, the patients also get to consult the doctor immediately when they spot the symptoms of their sugar levels increasing or decreasing. Better care and supervision have helped to cure diabetes or at least prevent from extreme conditions.

Healthcare accessible for all

Telemedicine has helped to make healthcare available for everyone around the globe. People residing in the rural areas where there is no availability of better healthcare facilities can avail the telemedicine option and get better healthcare. Rural areas do not have good doctors or other healthcare facilities due to which the residents of that area often have to visit the big city near to them and get treatment for more prominent diseases. Telemedicine helps the people in rural areas to avail advanced healthcare facilities without having to move to an urban area.

There are many benefits of telemedicine, and it is a pleasure to see inventions like these. It not only improves the healthcare system across the globe but also makes sure it is easily accessible and affordable for all. The patients get maximum comfort of home with the facility of telemedicine. People with restricted resources do not have to worry about visiting the doctor and facing those problems again and again. You will not have to overlook your health issues anymore and can avail the telemedicine services on a screen near to you from the place convenient for you.

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