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Know about Watch2gether– Happy Streaming!

December 19th, 2017 | by Ankit
Know about Watch2gether– Happy Streaming!

A family movie time is one of the sweetest feelings in the world! When you lay down on your couch with your wife, children, and parents to watch a movie in your drawing room, nothing can be more soothing than that, isn’t it? Online movie and video streaming sites are trending today, and we don’t wait anymore for a movie or video to telecast on TV. Yes, we are living in a digital age where everything revolves around the internet. Most of us get back to home from our workplace and take off our daily tiredness by streaming videos online.

But watching an online video with our friends and family seems to be impossible. But wait! We have some online video streaming sites that allow us to have a quality time with closed ones while streaming an online video! Watch2gether offers the exact thing that you want!

What is Watch2gether?

Watch2gether is a web-based popular video streaming site that allows you to watch a video with a group of your friends! Moreover, you can have a conversation with your friends during the video and review it as well. Apparently, you can share a video with your friends, and all of you can watch it, but watching it together with friends is a lot more comforting. In this site, you can have a temporary name for chatting. But if you want to have a stable name in the chat room, you must sign in with your details. So, let’s explore more about Watch2gether and see how it works.

How does Watch2gether Work?

Watch2gether is one of the simplest online video streaming sites to use. You need to select a nickname for you to start things off and a unique URL along with a virtual room (videos will play here) will be generated. You can share the URL displayed on the top of the Window with your friends to let them join you. Once they visit the URL, set nicknames for them as well. The right-hand side panel is the place where you can communicate with your connected friends during a video.

Features of Watch2gether

Lots of features are there in Watch2gether which are enough to fall in love with the site. Let’s have a look at the main features.

  • Lets you watch videos with friends and family
  • Supports chatroom which is very humanly
  • Webcam is supported, and one can chat in video and audio format
  • Users can select their own nicknames that adds an extra flavor of fun
  • Supports well-liked video sharing sites like YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and SoundCloud
  • Supports browsing on Amazon


Above is a short description about Watch2gether which should have given you a fair idea about the online mutual video streaming site. If you are willing to know more about Watch2gether regarding its detailed working procedure, registration process and the way to watch videos on the site, you can directly visit the in-depth article written solely about Watch2gether on LayerPoint. So, what are you thinking? Enjoy watching videos with friends!

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