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How to install car speakers yourself?

March 9th, 2018 | by Ankit
How to install car speakers yourself?

There are so many options available in the market when it comes to the car speaker, choosing the one can be difficult as well. But when it comes to the installation, you might end up spending too much money when you ask any professional mechanic to do it. It is quite simple and easy to install the car speakers by yourself also you can save the money as well as add that to invest in your speakers, woofers, panel, etc. that is why instead of going out and seeking help, you can do it at home quickly in few hours. All you need is a complete knowledge as well as some tools to do the task.

Step one: prepare for the installation

When you are doing things by yourself notably the installation of car speakers, you need to do it step by step and make sure that everything is done correctly. It is essential that you also make sure what is your stereo system and which speakers do you need for your car because many times people start without planning a stuck in the middle. Therefore it is essential to check and prepare everything before doing.

Select the car speaker:

You have to make sure which company, brand and model of car speakers you are buying and select the one according to your needs.

•    check the stereo system you are installing the speakers:

Also, make sure which stereo system is installed in your car to make sure that the speakers will support it and give you a better sound quality. You can also take guidance from an expert who can recommend you best car speakers with your stereo system.

•    Check the dimension of your new speakers:

Also, make sure that proportion of your new speakers fits your car as the shape and size matters a lot. Therefore you can measure it to confirm.

Step two: get ready to install:

It is equally important to make everything prepared in front of you before you start the process as it makes it easier for you as well as save lots of time.

•    Take out tools you need:

Make sure that you have all the tools which are essential for the installation.

•    check that it fits

take out your new speakers and make sure that it fits your car as different sizes and types of car speakers have different steps for installation as well as you might need extra efforts to install the bigger ones if you have a small space for speakers. You will need to do some modifications in that case.

•    disconnect your car battery:

To make sure that there is no electrical damage, our need to discount your battery’s negative terminal. It will help you prevent any electric shocks, the risk of injury as well can damage your car’s from short circuit. Before disturbing the internal circuit of your vehicle makes sure your battery is not connected.

•    read the instructions of car speakers:

the speakers come with complete instructions, and therefore you need to understand it all to make sure that you follow step by step process of installation and do the way it is stated.

Step three: install the new speakers:

•    remove the grills off from the factory speakers:

Usually, all the speakers come with the grilles which protect the internal part that is why when you need to replace, modify or install it you need to remove this barrier.  You have to remove the grilles of your factory speakers so that it will allow you to replace the actual speakers. Take the screwdriver and unbolt the screws which help in keeping the speakers in its place.

•    remove the factory speakers:

Many time the factory speakers are attached to the screws, bolts as well as chipped with any adhesives or glues to keep it o its place. That is why when you have to remove it you need to unscrew it as well as other things which allow you to remove the factory speakers. Also, detach the wiring of the speakers and keep it aside.

•    connect it to the car’s electrical system:

Now you can see the open wiring of your factory speakers, and you can install the new one. Look at the back of your new speakers where you can see the positive and negative terminal with the sign “+” or “-.“ You can attach the wiring to the speakers, in case you don’t see any signs, test the terminals with a battery to know the right terminal. Now screw the installation and secure the speakers in its place. Make sure not to use any electrical tapes here as with the increase of heat it can cause more issues.

 test your new speakers:

Now you can test the speakers to see that the terminals are connected correctly, and the speakers are working correctly. Make sure to join the car battery first, now check for the sound, vibrations, and volume from both the speakers. Also turn on the songs and car’s radio to see that everything is working correctly.

•    secure your new speakers:

You can now place the speakers in its position when you are confident that everything is working fine. You can fix the speakers in its place with any glue and bolts to make sure that it is not moving from its site. Now attach the grille to the speakers and screw it. Your new speakers are now ready to use.

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