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Hacks for When You Forget to Wear Your Pedometer

May 14th, 2018 | by Ankit
Hacks for When You Forget to Wear Your Pedometer

Exercising is essential for maintaining your fitness. It also helps to keep your body active and stable for a long time. People who exercise daily tend to age slower, on the other hand, lazy people age faster. Exercising is as vital as your breakfast. Notably, the exercise done early in the morning benefits the person for a long time. However, some people do not have enough time to exercise daily, so walking is the best alternative to that. Walking daily before breakfast is healthy and makes you fit and healthy.

People who walk mostly keep a pedometer with them to track their steps and then analyze the improvement. Pedometers are specifically designed to track your steps and analyze your fitness requirements and enhancements according to that. The pedometers are readily available in the market and come in different styles. The most common ones are waistband pedometer, wristband pedometer, and the mobile app pedometer. These pedometers have advanced technology in them and can track your heart rate, sleep pattern, blood pressure level and other similar values as well.

Tracking your steps while you walk helps you to stay motivated for the next session. Your subconscious starts challenging you to increase your average steps goal which makes you put in more effort. Steps tracking is hence the most efficient way to keep yourself interested in walking workouts and not miss any single of it. However, if someday you forget your pedometer at home or work, tracking would be a problem. Following are a few hacks which you can imply when you forget to wear your pedometer.

Hacks for making sure your steps are counted

Many times people forget their pedometer at home or after walking they d=find out the battery of the device was dead all that time and the steps were not counted. It could be very saddening when you have been successfully walking 10000 steps each day and have a streak of several days. However, there are some tricks which could be helpful to you when situations like these occur.

Enable the app’s mobile data counting feature

In several fitness tracking apps, there is a feature of enabling Mobile Data Tracking. This feature allows for the fitness tracking app to trace the mobile’s built-in accelerometer chip. It will help the app to track the mobile’s distance covered and add in your daily steps count.

Manually logging the exercise information

Some of the devices and mobile applications of fitness tracker let you to add the exercising tracking manually. Check out your device or app if it has that feature. If the element is available, you can add your number of steps manually in the application or device. However, manually adding might not work for the competitions, etc. you might have taken part in.

Try to walk a few steps more

The easiest way is to walk a few more steps with the pedometer turned on. It is not impossible if you have not been running a marathon race or went through a tough training session. Try to walk half an hour more with your pedometer and maintain your number of steps without breaking the streak.

Dancing is a more interesting alternate

If you are bored and tired of walking, try to dance with your pedometer along. Turn on the song which accelerates your moves the most and starts dancing. The steps of hip and arm increase the number of steps in steps tracking devices.

Arm movement hack

Many fitness tracker devices and apps notice the movement of arms. If your body has given up on any more legwork, then you can go for the arm movement trick. Vigorously wave your hands in the air with your pedometer band on and let it counts the movement as the number of steps. You can carry on this hack even when you are lying in the bed.

Play with your pet

If you own a pet animal, you have a plus point. Playing with your fluffy kitten or extremely dog is always fun and a mood refresher. When you have to increase your number of steps in the fitness tracker tie the pedometer in the collar of your pet and play catch a ball. The steps tracker will count some of the steps and that will help you to increase your total number of steps without having to walk yourself.

Cycling is the best time pass

Cycling can be an alternate to walking when your body is tired enough to stand anymore. Tie the pedometer at your shoe or your sock cuff to make it count your cycling steps as walking steps. Cycling also tones down the leg muscles and is beneficial for your lower body shape.

Hand over your pedometer to a family member or a friend

Check if anyone around you is ready to go for a walk or jog. Hand over your pedometer to them and they can wear it while they do their routine walk.

Strangers hack

There are many people at the gym. Give your pedometer to someone who is at the treadmill and try to offer a tip when they are done with increasing your number of steps. The tip would help you to do that in the future as well.

Mentioned above are some of the easy and usual tricks which can be done when you forget to wear your pedometer during walk. Try these simple hacks to increase the number of steps on your device. For suggestions on the best pedometer, search on the internet and in your circle. There are many websites like to guide you about the pedometer which suits you the best.

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