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Eat Healthy and In Proportion During Pregnancy

January 12th, 2018 | by Ankit
Eat Healthy and In Proportion During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful feelings in a woman’s life and it is a life-changing experience for them. Through this phase, one can learn a lot of things which they have not done earlier. There are a lot of changes that happen to the body and the system. One has to take extra care of their movement and more importantly what they eat when they are pregnant.

Once you conceive a baby, the first thing that you need to do is to meet a gynecologist as they are the perfect one to guide you for the coming months till the baby gets delivered. From what to eat and how to live a healthy lifestyle, each and every step can be advised by them and they know it the best as they are the experts. One can also get some pregnancy food tips in Hindi from pregnancy information related sites.

One has to eat and maintain a healthy diet during this period of time. As the dieticians say, one has to have at least five portions of green vegetables and fruits on a regular basis. Then the meal should also contain a lot of carbohydrates like rice, pasta, and bread. Then there has to be some eggs, meat, and fish along with milk and a portion of pulses as well. Fish is important because it contains omega 3 fatty acids and this is very vital for the development of the nervous system of the baby.

Milk is a very important thing in pregnancy diet and everyone will recommend you to drink that insubstantial amount. This is because; milk contains a lot of calcium, minerals, and proteins.  But you need to avoid those dairy products which are unpasteurized because they can lead to food poisoning. Try to drink freshly boiled milk and also other dairy products which are made from pasteurized milk.

Be very careful about the hygiene of the food which you are eating. Some food items are a strict no during this time period. This can harm your baby as well. So never indulge yourself to frost ready to cook meals or unpasteurized milk. Do not eat street foods which are too oily and are made of things which are not healthy. Avid very deeply fried things as well. Cook your food in utensils which are clean and wash them thoroughly. Always wash your hands or use a sanitizer before you eat

Many people will say that you have another life inside you and so you have to eat more as the fetus inside you also need nutrition. But this is absolutely not true. A pregnant woman should take 1800 to 2000 calories on a daily basis and not more than that. Your baby does not need extra food. They need proper nutrition.

To get pregnancy food diet in Hindi one can take help from health and pregnancy-related magazines. But before following them blindly, you need to ask your gynecologist about it. If they are okay with that then only you can go ahead.

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