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Dangers of Buying Health Products Online

June 7th, 2018 | by Ankit
Dangers of Buying Health Products Online

As the world goes through miraculous advancements, technology in every field is playing its part and making experiences faster and easier. The world market in this circumstance has progressed in leaps and bounds. Whether it is about the market of any product, the globalisation has brought everything closer, more accessible and more approachable than ever. Internet and social media have very well added to this. The social media market is said to be the fastest growing market today. It’s more convenient, and a quicker and full medium to reach the customers this the newest era.

Medicine and health products industries, in this regard, are much to be talked about. They are good as well as they come to be health deteriorating at times.

As the market for health products spreads, the proportion of chances of fraud, unhealthy supplements, fakery, and such alike cases goes higher as well.

Not all the online companies, online pharmacies, e-commerce websites, blogs, social media channels’ pages, online classified ads, etc. can be trusted hundred percent especially when these sensitive and health based products are this readily available with no testimonies, certifications, prescriptions, etc.

Here are the primary reasons why you should not blindly follow purchasing health products through the internet.

The Ingredients Cannot Be Trusted:

An important reason for not trusting the online sources of purchasing health product is, of course, your health concern for the fact that you’re making a purchase for your health but what if these health products, in turn, are poisonous for you? Countless laboratory results have been published after carrying out testing on online purchased products. The supplements, medicines, syrups, etc. may contain wrong, inactive,duplicate, banned, stale, expired and unbalanced proportions of ingredients. The buyers who don’t pay much heed to suspecting the ingredients added may suffer a lot as an outcome.

Untrusted Seller And The Place Of Production:

You can also not get to know about the actual seller and the conditions the online purchased products made. Uncertified and untrusted persons own most of the unknown or unfamiliar sources. That’s why they choose to remain hidden. So you never know what kind of hygienic conditions met, how the accuracy of ingredients the products contain, also if any problem arises, you have no proper address or medium to contact and correspond to the dealers as they have no adequate track.

They May Have Been Locally Banned:

You can also consider this point although it is scary even to imagine. You might be purchasing the products that have been prohibited locally in the country you’re buying from overseas because of their dangerousness and poisonings. Immigration authorities can also detain such products in the countries where the unhealthful measures are strictly encountered.

Low-Quality Concerns:

Even if the source is lawful and unknown, you may get risks of low quality. Some of the products, too, lack mentioning necessary precautions that must be looked after. In short, it can be said that you cannot be fully satisfied with the internet purchase of health based products most of the time.

How To Avoid Experiencing Such Conditions?

You have gone through at least one of the above situations or just have not yet but to avoid them?

We are to your rescue. Mistakes are usually not made deliberately, but when they’re prepared when you’re known with the expected outcome, it becomes stupidity. So do not be stupid, be a smart buyer!

This is how to buy health products online.

First of all, set your health preferences and prioritise your health. Know that health comes first. Just do not put ideal prices and place and other convenient mediums above your and your loved ones’ health when shopping from an internet source.

Look for the following things.

Make Purchases From Trusted Sources:

This should be your priority. The products you are choosing may be the ones you are purchasing after carrying out your market research and after prescriptions made by your doctor or health trainer but again, those products are legal but can be corrupted in making when produced by unknown and uncertified origins. That is why, always keep it in mind: you will buy health products from certified and known, trusted, and positively reviewed and widely preferred sources. Look for the websites, pharmacies etc. that are preferred by a large mass, read their reviews first. Do extensive research before trusting anyone or anything from the world of internet.

Do Not Fall In Trap Of Special Offers And Free Consultations:

The online sites, specifically the pharmacies from unknown sources that offer expert physician consultations offer are 80% trap. The physicians are not physicians according to the researchers carried out.

Secondly, the emails you generally get from auction companies, the ones who offer you health and additional products at so lower prices that you’re never going to get at from a certified source. That all is corrupted in the name of special offers. They better remain in your email spam folder and are to be better ignored.

Do Not Be Convinced By Claims From Unknown Resources No Matter How Attracting They Are:

One of the strategies of these unfamiliar and bogus online marketing sites are the claims that can be declared false easily.

These claims may be the additive researchers that are referenced. The fact may be that those scientific researchers might never have been even carried out. Or the articles or journals written in the name of the products filled with claims of their effectiveness would have no track of being drafted. The chances are that these resources of verifications may not be authentic or be merely bogus.

The out of the world claim statements like “be whiter in a week”, “guaranteed quick weight loss in a month”, “xyz terminal disease to be cured with our product within months” that offer miraculous and quick fix solutions and offers are repeatedly emphasised to be avoided by the health experts.

Do Not Confuse Between True Reviews And Self Added ‘Personal Experience And Testimonial’ Claims:

We discussed and advised for looking for reviews before making purchases from online health companies, yet at the same time, we warn you to watch out the trap of self-made claims that talk about personal experiences and testimonials that are themselves showcased by the companies themselves for attracting and convincing the consumers’ traffic. The feedback left in the chatrooms and feedback section of such forums, speaking of people’s personal success stories and effectiveness of the product should be carefully observed. You will soon get to know if the review is honestly put or is simply a company’s foolish act.

You are, thus, advised to count on favourite and widely trusted internet source since such companies, online pharmacies, e-commerce and auction sites do not even dare to deceit their customer by being disloyal. A Health Products Regulatory Authority also advised about some safety measures to follow while purchasing online health products.

In the end, even the familiar sources are not 100% risk-free and if you have any concerns, must consult your doctor. Also, stop the intake andrush to doctor in case of even mild and minor side effect you may experience as an outcome of consumption of those internet marketed and delivered health products. Do not wait for the things to go worse. For a trusted online source for buying health related products, consider visiting mens review zone.

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