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Courier versus Online Gift Delivery: What is best for Sending Gifts from Abroad?

February 25th, 2019 | by Ankit
Courier versus Online Gift Delivery: What is best for Sending Gifts from Abroad?

Gifts are more than an obligatory item exchanged or given on special occasions. This tradition which dates back to centuries is kept alive as we continue in this exchange, undeterred by distance or modern technology that threatens relationships. From birthday celebrations to Christmas festivities, gifts are an indispensable part of every occasion to celebrate life and the people who make it beautiful. This tradition of gift giving and making memories continues to be renewed every time we participate in it; however, participation is not always possible when you have miles separating you and your loved ones. In such a scenario when you wish to send gifts from USA to India the best course of action is to either send it through parcel or courier or online gifting stores. Choosing out of these two means of sending gifts is as difficult as shopping for the perfect gift, to make up your mind about the better of these two, go through these pointers and see which is the best way to send your love?

Sending gifts through courier

  • Sending gifts online is nothing short of a hassle where you not only deal with gift shopping but also with the delivery process that is involved. To courier your gift you need to select a gift from a gifting store near you, however, the process can be quite a hassle when you have to scour between the aisles for the perfect gift. Choosing a perfect gift is nothing short of a dilemma as a perfect gift is one that suits the occasion and giftee’s personality while not burning a hole in your pocket.

  • While you have your gift packed and wrapped with colorful papers and shiny ribbons you cannot be sure that it will be handled with the same reverence and awe with which you treat it. Besides handling, your gift also needs to be shipped via cargo planes and then it is sorted and delivered to your loved ones. This long and grueling process may take a toll on your precious gift as well as on your pocket as you have to take into account your budget for gift shopping as well as the standard fee that courier agencies charge for shipping your gift.

  • As established, you cannot always rely on these shipping agencies to send gifts from Australia to India because they may guarantee on-time delivery but they may not be able to carry it through. Besides the time and trust issues, there are stipulations regarding the types of gifts you can send which mostly pertain to those gift items which are not fragile and have a shelf life that’s longer than six months. All these legalities come in the way of conveying your love to your loved ones in true essence.

Online gifting stores

  • Online gifting stores are quite a step forward from courier services and are there to make the gifting process easier, convenient and joyful rather than stressful and anxiety-laden. These online portals are like a virtual gifting store which has categories based on occasion, relations, and types. The best thing about these online gifting stores is that they have every type of gifts in store, from classic and traditional gifts to trendy and unique gifts.

  • Besides, the vast collection of gifts and easy delivery there are no stipulations you have to follow regarding types of gifts or location when you send gifts from Canada to India. Even gifts that have a limited shelf life like cakes and flowers can be sent with local florists and bakers who also get to benefit from this vast delivery network that works overseas too.

  • Besides, the traditional gifts you can also have your gifts customized as per your requirements with personalized messages on gift items like mugs, tees, lamps, and cushions. Shopping for these personalized gifts are just as easy as shopping for normal other gifts and you don’t have to lift a finger for other than clicking.

  • Their delivery service is much faster with special features like midnight delivery options and same-day delivery option for last minute gift shopping. Also, you can buy your gift, have it shipped and track it until it reaches its destination. Therefore, online gift shopping is much more viable and reliable than courier services when it comes to sending your tokens of love across continents.

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