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A Complete Guide on Critical thinking test

August 6th, 2018 | by Ankit
A Complete Guide on Critical thinking test

Critical thinking test is a test done to analyze one’s analysis on reasoning and conceptualizing capacity effectively. This test also helps the company analyze one’s situational awareness, personality, logical reasoning capability and aptitude knowledge.

It is a common selection tool for the company where one is required to have common intelligence with reasoning capabilities; one is wanted to be smart enough to solve the problems arising in the day to day situations with ease using logic his critical thought process.

Where is critical reasoning required?

When one considers regular day to day situation in a company there are times when requires to solve a problem by identifying and then defining the problem logically by collecting the given data, making assumptions, finding alternative solution, selecting the best possible solution and then based on all data providing the most suitable conclusion to a certain problem. The person having good critical reasoning skill would be able to excel in such a situation. Thus these skills are highly valued by a company and an individual having such skills is always preferred to the candidate lacking these skills.

This test is mainly done by the company in hiring candidates for

  • Mid-management posts
  • Senior management post
  • Critical decision makers and strategic planners and analyst post
  • Business consultant’s post

What are the perimeters on which this test is taken?

The test may be conducted according to the level of the post which the company wants to hire the candidate for; the test may be of easy to moderate level for the executive to mid-managerial post. It may be moderate to hard for the post accounting in the range of mid-managerial to managerial level posts. It may go from hard to very hard for the level of posts such as senior manager and business analyst. It totally depends upon the requirement of the company what should be the kind of test and what its level should be. It usually depends upon the positions required for an individual to be skilled at what level in Critical thinking test.

The types of questions may also depend upon a company’s choice; it can choose to select critical reasoning test involving verbal reasoning or involving a non-reasoning test. Usually, companies go for the mix of both as both kind of reasoning test check different capabilities of critical reasoning of an individual.

The critical reasoning test of verbal type may include Para jumbles, comprehension based questions, syllogisms, error spotting, etc., and it checks the candidate’s skills in verbal reasoning. It may be of multiple choice questions type where one’s capability to analyse different problems and in different ways creating a required solution. The paper may be divided into different sections, and each section is given different time slots to be completed making it a bit trickier for the candidate.

In case of non-verbal reasoning questions based on mirror image, water image, seating arrangement, data interpretation are asked these questions makes one think logically tests their image processing skills checks their ability to find a solution from the given data. Thus checking a person’s critical reasoning skills .in all different circumstances which enable him to solve problems arising in a company’s functioning logically and when there is a different and a better alternative available, opting for it.

How can these tests be held?

The critical reasoning test can be performed by the company along with other technical tests. A section for this test can be created in the test if the company doesn’t want it to be held separately. The time allotted for the test can be increased and the time for reasoning test added in it.

In some cases, the test is to be conducted separately as per requirement of the company where this test may or may not include negative marking. It is up to company’s choice to include negative marking or not; it is generally included where the test is to be made tough, and candidates are to be scrutinized even on their selection of questions which they solve.

It may include both verbal and non-verbal type of reasoning questions challenging one’s reasoning capacity in both aspects thus enabling the company to make an educated choice while selecting the candidate.

This test can be held by means of using pen and paper as well as on a computer-based system. Companies nowadays prefer a computer-based test as it is easier to analyze the candidates result based on the time one takes to solve the questions, kind of question he solves, one’s accuracy and one’s method of solving a problem. Thus this test makes it easier for the company to select the right candidate for the right job.

The test can even be customized according to the company’s requirement and can be made to cover different topics when a company asks to do so. It is done when a company is assured of the criteria o which it wants its employees to perform thus making it easy for the test setter to select the topic of the test.

The companies nowadays perform critical reasoning test for screening prior to any other test as it requires candidates who can find a solution to different solutions in more than one way using their reasoning prowess making the management job of the company easier. A company always requires employees with more reasoning skills over their technical ability as it is always said common sense is not common. And for better functioning of a company a candidate should be scrutinized on his common and critical reasoning skills.

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