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6 Factors To Consider While Buying Women’s Hiking Pants

September 8th, 2018 | by Ankit
6 Factors To Consider While Buying Women’s Hiking Pants

You cannot go hiking without proper gear and instruments. The market is filled with hiking products including the outfit you’ll choose to wear during hiking. For men and women, the quality varies. Plain old pants maybe were torn anywhere. The cotton pants, they might not warm you in colder weather. You need something that will provide you protection as well as comfort. There are so many different types of hiking pants available. There are standard pants, roll up pants, zip-off pants and tights. They all have their benefits, but it’s up to about which type of pants do you require. It also depends on the kind of place you’re going to go hiking, the weather, and the track it all matters.
Here in this blog, we have gathered some of the best factors that you should consider when you are ought to buy the women’s hiking pants. Read ahead and make your decision based on these.
1. Tear resistance
This is regarded as a feature of hi-tech fabric. Tents and bag packs mostly use ripstop nylon from lot many years, and now with their tear resistant quality, they are being used in clothing industry too. There are parachute pants also but certainly not at all comfortable to go hike in them. While you walk there might be a lot many falls and thorns and rocks on the way; you’ll need something to save your choice of fabric pants to last longer.
2. Sun-Protection
Some pants and fabrics let ultraviolet rays pass through them. However, with complete experiments, there are types of hiking pants in the market that have ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) with them. You can check them by their UPF ratings. The more the UPF, the more protection from the harmful rays of the sun. It will save you from wearing many layers of clothing and from getting your skin tanned.
3. Water resisting
This is one of the most important aspects we must think about while going to buy women’s hiking pants. We keep raincoats but don’t care about the waterproof hiking pants. Suppose you are going for hiking to the place where it rains a lot, you’ll need to be dry down there so the weight of wet fabric cannot slow you down. Rain pants can be an option, but an extra pair of clothing will be a burden. There are hiking pants in the market that repels water and keeps the moisture off.
4. Weather
Suppose you are going to a cool destination for hiking, you’ll need pants that will keep you warm throughout the journey. The regular pants or cotton ones, no matter how comfortable they are, they won’t be any in cold weather at all. You’ll need fabric that breathes well and provides proper ventilation for the heat trapped inside. For severe conditions, buying UPF rated pants are highly recommendable. Same goes for hot weather. Buy fabric that lets air inside so your legs don’t get irritated.
5. Climbing
These are a bit different category, but there is nothing in being prepared before-hand. The hiking pants should provide you with proper breathability and mobility- the two most important aspects of hiking and climbing. The latest women hiking pants creates no problem for the harness to wear, unlike other pants. Also, they have the option to roll upside which lets you see your foot movement better.
6. The trail is running
If you are more of a runner and not a walker, then you’ll need something which is bit tighter. The tight bottoms are recommended for hiking because the loose ones get chaffed while you run as they constantly rub against each other. Also, the tight ones provide supports which are highly needed when running as there is no weight you carry on your leg.

So, these were some of the main aspects that you should always keep in mind when you go shopping for women’s hiking pants. Many brands manufacture pants especially for hikers, and we are sure that you are well aware of the brands, and if not you may always search for it. Take the tip, buy the best and roll out for adventure.

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