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5 Best Whatsapp Feature in 2018:- Facebook to Whatsapp Sharing, Group Video calling and many More…

June 16th, 2018 | by admin
5 Best Whatsapp Feature in 2018:- Facebook to Whatsapp Sharing, Group Video calling and many More…

As you all aware of that in 2017, Facebook just take an ownership of whatsapp which is the best messaging Mobile application since the start of 2018 i.e Jan 2018 whatsapp has been quite active. Now they are locking for some attractive user friendly features for their users. Some of these features have been already lunched and rolled out on the Android or IOS platform while the others are still in the process of development or in testing phase. Here is a list of such WhatsApp features which are on their way to make your life easier and your experience on the app even more convenient.

  1. Group Video Calling
  2. Restrict Group
  3. Facebook to Whatsapp Sharing
  4. Locked and Preview Voice Recording.
  5. Download Whatsapp Data

Last Year in 2017 we were discuss about Best 5 features of Developer of Whatsapp released in 2017. Here are the Quick look of it in summery which make your life little easier and use of this app is quite a bit convenient. In which among them Video Status is the most famous one.

  1. Video Status
  2. Whatsapp Payment
  3. Live Location Sharing
  4. Business profile
  5. Whatsapp Payment

Now Let’s discuss about Features that’s going to rock in 2018 in detail.

  1. Group Video Calling:

From last one or two year whatsapp is tried to focus on providing calling centric features for their users and their improve lot in it since they introduce voice calling as well as video calling support feature on its IOS an Android Platform. Now their developers are set looking for one step ahead and add Group video calling for their users to add multiple participant to an ongoing video call. Also checkout videostatus4you for latest whatsapp status videos download. It’s now in testing phase it may be lunch in end on July still the end of 2018 whatsapp will provide its update for batter result. So wait and watch what will going to happen. It will make your life easier for sure…

  1. Restrict Group

As per this new feature which was first introduce in December 2017, some additional administrative rights were given to the group admins on WhatsApp. In Admin Settings, the administrator can restrict to change group info for other uses. Administrators can keep sharing media and chat as normal as they restrict other members.

Once the Restricted feature added, other members of the group will simply can read their messages and will not able to respond anything. They have to use “Message Admin” button for permission to post a message or share media to the group. After approval of administrator the message or media will be available for the group

  1. Facebook to Whatsapp Sharing

Just like Share of Media between Facebook and Instagram you can also share Media or Message between Facebook to Whatsapp. The company is going to lunch this feature soon.

  1. Locked and Preview Voice Recording.

Now a time you can do voice and video calling with your contact but after Introduction of this feature you can also can record and replay your calling. It will store in your device.

  1. Download Whatsapp Data

In addition of privacy policy. Whatsapp will give you this feature soon in it you can download your contact can export your contact detail , group detail files and their chat easily

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