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4 Things to Know Before Buying a Sound Bar

March 5th, 2018 | by Ankit
4 Things to Know Before Buying a Sound Bar

Soundbars are the latest technology sound systems which increase the sound quality and volume of your TV, not only it allows to take the volume much higher but also it improves overall listening and watching experience. That is why when we are buying a right LED or flat TV it enhances to look and the sound of your room and TV at the same time.

Since there are many models and brands of sound bars available in the market, it is equally difficult to choose the right one for yourself. Therefore there are few features that you need to know before buying a good soundbar which will not only help you select the right one for you but also improves your movie and TV experience.

Why buy a good sound bar?

The answer is simple; apart from enjoying a good HD picture quality, we have to increase the volume up to the highest to get the right sound. But of the times it is not sufficient, on the other hand, the soundbar will help us understand the best music, more volume at the same time. Not only this, but the sound bars are also very slim and easy to set up that is why rather than installing an entire music system you can invest in a better sound bar.

Therefore before buying the right one for you, check these four following features too:

1.    Subwoofer:

Sone soundbars come with good bass and don’t need any subwoofer, but it all depends on your requirements. What are you looking for, if you want a subwoofer you can also buy one with it?

The subwoofers produce the low-frequency audio and help to improve the bass too. Therefore if you are looking for detail sound such as exploding of bombs, rotation of helicopter blades acts than you must invest in soundbar with subwoofers. It will not only increase the powerful audio but also creates more punch to the sound especially with your favorite action movies.

2.    Features of the soundbar:

•    Connections:

There are many soundbars which come with the one cable to connect, and the optical cables are the most common ones. If you are looking for casual use than it is fine, but the soundbars with the HDMI is more preferable ones since it supports more types of audio formats. Therefore the sound quality if better of the HDMI sound bars and it can be easily connected and supported by many other types of sound types such as Vizio sb3821 which helps you use various sound qualities and files.

Optical soundbars come with the following sound supports like Stereo Dolby Digital and DTS while the HDMI soundbars have more options like Stereo, Dolby Digital, DTS, DTS:X, Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Atmos.

That is why it is up to you while buying the soundbar that which one you prefer if you have simple setup than the optical one will do on the other hand when you need more features and have multiple subwoofers and the sound system then go for the HDMI one. Also, make sure that you also check other features and have a power outlet around the corners of your room through which you can connect the subwoofers.

 •    Channels and Dolby Atmos:

While buying the right soundbar, you may come across with the labels like the “2.0”, “5.1.1” etc. and does know what does it means. The first digit means the number of drivers the soundbar supports and the digit after the period means the number of subwoofers. If you see any more digits such as “5.1.4” than it means that your soundbar also supports the Dolby Atmos surround sound which means that the driver’s throw the sound towards the ceiling as well which bounce back it down and created the more dramatic effect.

3.    IR sensors:

The soundbars usually place under your TV or LED, typically where your IR sensor is located. Especially when your TV has a stand or even mounted on the wall, the furniture on which you soundbar has to be places usually comes front of the IR sensor of your TV which makes it difficult for the remote to send the signals as well as control the TV. That is why you must also check for the location of your TV IR sensor as well as the soundbar so that it is not obscuring the screen or the sensor. Some of the soundbars also come with the IR repeater so that they can pass the signal from the soundbar to the TV IR sensor.

4.    Size of the soundbar:

 While choosing the right soundbar, it is also essential to get the one which is right in size. Look for the one which is equal in width as your TV since it looks good. Also, make sure to measure the right distance of your TV and the place of your counter which will allow you to keep the soundbar just under it.

Many times when we buy the soundbar without making the right measurement of the space, we either end up making compromises or the things don’t fit together that is why the size of your soundbar also matter along with other features, sound quality, and connections which it has.

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