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10 Healthy Behaviors Can Relieve Snoring

February 26th, 2018 | by Ankit
10 Healthy Behaviors Can Relieve Snoring

If you snore, then need not to worry about it as half of the population of world snore. There are many reasons of snoring, some of the common causes are age, overweight, way you are built, sinus and nasal problems, sleeping posture and many more. Snoring is not a good habitat all as it can affect others sleep as well, especially one who is sleeping with you. It is a type of sleeping disorder which occurs when air flows through throat while whistling. This can even lead to many problems and also affect your married life. So, here are some of the causes and some solutions from BMR for it which you can consider and apply to your life for better results.

Best ways to get relieved from habit of snoring

Stop smoking – Smoking is not a good habitat all and especially for snorers as it can worsen snoring. So, if you really want to overcome this problem then consult it with your doctor. They will tell your different ways and therapies such as a gym or quit smoking therapy which will help you in quitting smoke.

Avoid sedatives before going to bed – Taking sedatives regularly before going to bed might sound good, but in reality, it can hamper your sleeping pattern. Therefore, if you take any medicine or sedative before going to bed stop taking it as it will ease snoring and make things little easy.

Treat chronic allergies – Allergies reduce the flow of air through the nose which forces you to breathe from a mouth. As a result of this increase chances of snoring. Therefore, it is advisable to visit the doctor and take their suggestion. They will help in improving your condition by finding out the reason for allergy and how to treat them.

Reduce weight – Reducing weight is another effective and healthy way to which you can avoid snoring. Many ways are there through which you can lose weight such as by eating healthy food and taking the smaller portion of calories. In fact, you should also do some exercise daily so as to get a better result.

Practice yoga daily – Snorers can overcome snoring by doing yoga daily. There are several postures which can help in increasing your control over breath, one of them is Pranayama. By practicing pranayama regularly you will learn to take the deep, controlled and slow breath and thus, can reduce snoring.

Choose quality mattress – Although, it may sound little surprising but a quality mattress can help in avoiding snoring. A high-quality mattress can enhance your sleep quality and if you will have a proper and long sleep it will have the positive impact on your health. Thus, in this way foam or any other type of mattress can help in overcoming snoring.

Sleep – This is few of the best ways which you can consider to reduce snoring. It is must have proper eight hours sleep as it will reduce stress and keep you fit and healthy. In fact, you should follow a proper and regular pattern of sleeping and try avoiding sleeping at odd hours. By following a regular sleep pattern you will experience better sleep quality.

Tongue and throat exercises – Most of the doctors recommend snorers to do tongue and throat exercises as it will help in strengthening these body parts and also help in avoiding storing. Many easy exercises are there which you can do on daily basis.

Use mouth guard – If you are comfortable in wearing the mouth guard, they can visit your dentist and ask them to prescribe the anti snoring mouth guard. These guards will keep jaw muscles in their place and also hold teeth together such that it does not become loose.

Stay hydrated – As per the studies, it is recommended to stay well hydrated. When you remain dehydrated soft palate and secretion in nose become stickier due to which person starts snoring. That’s why it is advisable to drink plenty of fluid. This practice will make a huge difference and reduces snoring.

Snoring is becoming a common problem day by day and people of all age groups are going through this. So, if you also want to get rid of snoring then explained above are some healthy ways which you can follow in your daily routine.

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