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Difference between a Military and a Normal Watch

February 9th, 2018 | by Ankit
Difference between a Military and a Normal Watch

Military watches are the watches which are made and designed primarily to stand up to the particular demands of military life. They require a lot of planning and demand exercises which they all perform with the help of these watches.

 These watches hold particular specifications as compared to regular watches. Military watches hold great importance in the life of militants, and they work, move with their watches, they carry all their functions and activities according to these watches. Here are some significant differences between a normal and a military watch:

Development of the Watches

Military watches are specially made for military uses. The first watches used by pilots were designed by Cartier at the beginning of the 20th century. These watches are used by the members of the military, whereas the regular watch does not hold the exclusive specifications which a military watch does.

 Features of a normal and a Military Watch

A military watch when it comes to feature distinguishes for many reasons. Firstly, they are larger which makes the militants read well. A military watch offers the user the option of installing extra and specified features.

They are usually light colored numbers and dark background with light. They have the fluorescent second and minute hands which the makes the reader more natural to read even in a dark place. The band in a military watch is usually longer than a standard watch which allows the user to wear the watch even over a jacket. The housing of a military watch is always made of steel. The military watches are almost always waterproof and highly robust.

A trendy feature of a military watch is photoluminescent marks, the hands, and numbers that allow the user to see watch no matter whatever the time of day is. The Bell & Ross makes watches that include lightweight case made of ceramic, a canvas strap that gives the entire look of the watch like a military rucksack.

The Casio G-Shock style of a Normal and a military watch

The Casio G-Shock comprises a wide range of different styles of watches. For example, we have the Mudman model of the watch that offers features that cover many military operations like direction, and thermosensors, moon phase graph, compass mode, several adjustments are present in the watch for magnetic north and solar power.

These military watches are usually water resistant to 200 meters. It offers a long life of ten years battery. And it has a stable build in a system which protects the watch from any jerk and vibration damage. It has an auto light switch and a buzzer alarm that cover 29 time zones.

Specifications of Right Band of a normal and a Military Watch

The band of a normal watch can be made of any material say leather etc. But a military watch is made of nylon, leather or metal. You can make your watch good enough by changing the band of the watch. Military watches are delivered with a nylon or fabric watch band.

Band Colors of a Normal and a Military watch

The more the watch is old, if it is made up of leather, the more stylish it will look. The military watches are available in light and darker tones so the user can quickly decide the color according to his specifications. British watches are usually made up of the leather band split into two sections. This way the watch directly contact with the skin which adds more comfort.

Material Differences in a Normal and a Military Watch

Nylon bands are the best choice for military uses, as they are less expensive and cover all features of a costly military watch. They are available in various color combinations. The American military uses Nato watch bands which can be easily be exchanged in place of other watches. People who are in the military can differentiate between a normal and a military watch by just seeing the color pattern used in them.

Functions of a Normal and a Military Watch

A normal watch can just tell you the time and may offer light and waterproof options, but a military watch is far more technical regarding its functions and specifications. There are several commands which can be needed in that small device. It is used to connect and to give a specified signal.

 The light used in a military watch is very sharp enough to provide clear visibility when used in dark places. The user can set specific rule functions and reminders in that watch. It is therefore far more technical than a regular watch.

Elgin Military Watches versus a Standard watch

 This company received a contract in repairing watches on the battlefield during World War I. they have introduced navy chronometers and plane instruments. These watches are different from a normal watch in the sense that it includes pocket style. They offer specified hack functions like the Bulova and Swiss precision and more.

Characteristics of a Normal and a Military Watch

Military watches have dark backgrounds and depressed buttons. They are durable and lightweight. The timing of the military watches uses the military time format, and the world times for time zone changes. The environmental navigation includes electronic compass mode, altimeter, and storm alerts, whereas the making of a standard watch does not includes all these special specifications as they are used for daily purposes rather designed situations.

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